Garage Door Maintenance Care Guide

Five Tips For Fixing A Slow Garage Door

It can be frustrating if your garage door is opening very slowly. Fortunately, most issues that cause a slow-moving garage door can be easily repaired. The following can help you determine the cause of the issue so you can solve it quickly.

1. Check the Speed Setting

 Many newer garage door openings have variable speed settings. If your door is opening very slowly, it may be a simple matter of adjusting this setting. You can find the location of the speed adjustment dial by looking in the owner's manual in the event you can't find it easily on the outside of the unit itself. In many cases, it is beneath the light cover on the opener motor. Adjust the dial slowly, testing the door after each adjustment, until you find the perfect speed for your door.

2. Lubricate the Mechanisms

The door may start opening more slowly if it needs to be lubricated. Simply lubricate all the moving parts of the door system with a lubricant made for use on garage doors. This means lubricating the tracks, the wheels, the hinges on the door, and the chains or pulleys that lift and lower the door. 

3. Clean the Tracks

Dirty tracks can slow down a garage door. Dirt and debris, like leaves and spiderwebs, entangle with the wheels while also blocking movement up and down the track. You can carefully sweep out the tracks with a broom, then wipe and clean with a rag and a small amount of garage door lubricant.

4. Look for Damage

Damage to the door or tracks can result in a slow opening door. For example, bent or dented tracks can make the door open more slowly. A damaged wheel can also slow the door, as well as cause horrible noises when the door tries to open. Damage to springs is another issue that can lead to slow opening. Springs are under major tension and can pose a hazard, so they should only be serviced by a professional. 

5. Upgrade the Opener

In some cases, the opener simply isn't powerful enough for the weight of your door. This is especially likely if you recently upgraded the garage door itself. Heavier materials, such as switching from aluminum to a wood door, can mean the old opener simply isn't strong enough to lift the door. Upgrading to an insulated door also adds weight. Investing in a more powerful opener may solve the problem.

Contact a garage door repair service for more help.