Garage Door Maintenance Care Guide

Garage Door Repair Needs: When It's Time To Call For Help

Your garage door system may need a repair every once in a while to keep it running well. While your door might last up to thirty years, various components of your garage door system will need to be replaced faster. The garage door opener can fail when it is 10 to 15 years old, while the tension springs may need to be adjusted after a few years. Your tracks may get bent, or brackets can come loose. Your garage door may reverse direction, or not close all the way when you need to have garage door services come and check out your system.

Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

The opener for your garage door can last up to 15 years, but it can burn out faster for a number of reasons. Opening the door frequently will decrease the lifespan of the garage door opener. If the tension springs are loose, the opener has to strain to hold the heavyweight of the door. If you discover that your garage door opens slowly, or your system won't turn on at all, you might need a new garage door opener.

Problems With Tension Springs

The tension springs help hold the weight of the garage door when it is open, closing, or opening. If your door won't stay all the way open, it's probably a problem with the tension springs. Do not touch the springs on your own, as they are hard to adjust. Tension springs can snap if you don't know what you are doing, causing a dangerous situation for you and anyone nearby. 

Your Garage Door Won't Close

There are photosensors that face one another 18 inches from the ground. If one is covered with debris, or they can't sense one another, the door won't shut all the way. This is a safety feature to prevent a child or pet from getting hurt by a closing garage door.

Your System Keeps Breaking

If your garage door tracks are rusted, or your system keeps breaking despite repairs, it's time for a new garage door replacement system. When you aren't sure how old your current system is, it's important to consider a garage door replacement to avoid continual repairs. Talk with your garage door services about your options when it comes to frequent repairs. You may be able to get a replacement door that offers security using a smartphone, and that offers better insulation from the cold for your home.