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Should You Install An Aluminum Garage Door? 5 Reasons You Should

If you are a new homeowner, you may have heard all about steel garage doors. However, did you know an aluminum garage door can be a favorable upgrade because it is more corrosion-resistant, has weatherproof quality, more environmentally friendly, and less costly to maintain? It also eliminates the need for openers and torsion springs. Here's a further look as to why you should consider aluminum garage doors.

A Wide Range of Customization Options

A powder coating allows you to finish your aluminum garage door in any color. It is possible to match your exterior designs with the garage door by selecting the appropriate coat texture and shade. Furthermore, you can choose to place panels in different patterns; up, down, or flat. You can also include a glass installation with your aluminum garage door to allow natural light.

More Effortless Closing and Opening Mechanism

A steel garage door is often heavier and requires torsion springs and other assisting components to open smoothly. The weight will even affect the transportation and installation processes needing special handling equipment and labor. 

In contrast, aluminum garage door installation is relatively faster and easier thanks to the lighter weight. Additionally, you will not shed extra money for torsion springs and other unique supporting mechanisms as you would with a steel door.

This makes aluminum more favorable to homeowners who use automated and electrically-operated garage doors. A steel garage door is can also prove difficult to operate manually if there is a power outage. This is not the case with the aluminum garage door.

Low Repair and Maintenance Requirements and Costs 

As explained above, aluminum garage doors' lightweight nature eliminates the need for additional and complicated opening mechanisms and supporting springs. That means there are lesser parts to maintain and repair. You can also replace aluminum doors with ease without specialized handling equipment.

Suitable for Any Home, Office, And Buildings 

Aluminum does not disappoint when it comes to its appearance, regardless of whether you want to install the door on residential or commercial property. You can also exploit the customization options to suit existing building designs, colors, textures, and styles for residential and commercial property. You can, for instance, choose a full-view aluminum garage door to add a contemporary look to your front façade.

Ability to Add Insulation and Hence Make Them Energy-Efficient

Aluminum has a higher conductive element than steel. It also offers a better ability for insulating than steel and wood. For instance, you can add polyethylene bubbles, cardboards, metal tapes, aluminum foils, or even paint.  

Aluminum garage door installation is the best alternative for homeowners looking for a modern appearance or looking to boost their property's resale value. These doors are lightweight and easy to operate even without power and are less costly to maintain and replace. 

For more information about aluminum garage door installation, contact a local professional.