Garage Door Maintenance Care Guide

Garage Door Repair When Your System Malfunctions

Your garage door system isn't complicated, but it can break down for a range of reasons. The tension springs usually wear out first and need to be replaced after about five years. The opener will last about 15 years, while the door itself can make it close to 30 years. If you take good care of your system and get repairs done on time, you can have a system that lasts. Pay attention to how the door opens, if it stays open, and whether the opener strains to open your door. If you note problems with speed, or your door changes direction all the time, garage door repair services can come to figure out what is going on and make any necessary repairs.

Problems With Your Tracks

The tracks make it possible for your garage door to open and close. They can be knocked out of alignment if someone accidentally hits one of the tracks, or if brackets become loose and fall off. If your door is changing direction on you, this can mean you have something in your track. Look for debris to see if a simple solution exists. If you don't find anything, check the brackets to see if any have fallen off. If a track gets bent, you will probably need to have your track replaced so that the two tracks are aligned.

Tension Springs and Your Garage Door

Tension springs play a role in holding the heavy weight of your garage door. If you think your tension springs are loose, try opening your door manually from the closed position. If the door is too heavy to move, your tension springs are loose. You might notice that your opener is straining, another sign that the tension springs need to be adjusted. If your garage door doesn't stay open, the springs are not able to hold it in place. Don't touch your springs and have a professional garage door repair service do it for you.

Your garage door system can malfunction because of a power outage, or the opener gets unplugged. Your remote might need new batteries. Always check the easy solutions first before you call for help. If you believe your garage door tension springs are not working properly, don't try to fix them yourself. They are tightly coiled metal and can hurt you if they break. Your garage door repair service will assess your garage door and make any necessary repairs.