Garage Door Maintenance Care Guide

There Is A Reason Why Your Garage Door Is Moving Slow

Garage doors aren't designed to move at rocket speed up and down the track. Yet, you shouldn't be forced to wait what feels like an eternity. If you've experienced an increase in the operating time of your garage door, it's worth taking a closer look, as more than likely, there is an issue causing this concern.

Motor Failure

All garage door motors have a lifespan. Even with proper maintenance, the motor will only last for a certain number of years. Once this timestamp gets close to the expiration date, the motor will begin to lose some of its power. 

This loss of power is most often reflected in the form of a door that moves at a reduced speed. Fortunately, the motor inside the unit can typically be upgraded to resolve the problem without the need for long, drawn-out repairs.

Poor Lubrication

When you take a quick glance at your garage door, you don't necessarily see all of the moving parts that play a role in the opening and closing process. However, there are hinges, roller brackets, and other components that allow your door to move correctly. 

When these parts are lubricated, there is no issue, but when they lack lubrication, friction builds. Friction makes it harder for the door to move, which ultimately reduces the speed at which the door can move along the track. In this scenario, having these parts lubricated is the best solution. 

Loose Springs

The average garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. Even with the support of a powerful motor, additional support is necessary to help the door move. This support comes in the form of springs. The springs are designed to help balance the weight of the door, which in turn reduces the load on the motor, and allows the door to move freely, more easily.

Over time, the springs can start to loosen and fail. Once this process happens, the springs no longer provide the necessary support, and the motor alone is not able to raise and lower the door at the same rate. The springs need to be repaired to resolve the problem.

If you suspect an increase in the amount of time it takes your garage door to open and close, it's a good idea to speak with a technician. The process of trying to repair the door on your own is incredibly dangerous, but there is also an increased risk that you could cause damage to the door. A repair technician is best suited to help you. Contact a company like Edgemont Garage Door Service for a quote on their services.