Garage Door Maintenance Care Guide

Three Things to Know About Springs and Garage Doors

A lot of people who have broken garage doors usually need help repairing the spring mechanism in the door. There are several things to remember about your garage door spring that will help keep you safe while trying to fix the problem. Hiring garage door services is a great way to make sure the job is done correctly and safely. Here are a few things to know about springs when you take care of your garage door repair. 

Tension When Closed

As a door opens and closes, the spring spins and the tension increases every inch the door travels to the closed position. The most tension is on the spring when the door is in the closed position, so a lot of times people get their cars stuck in the garage before they are able to leave the house. If you are going to have a broken spring, it is better for it to happen when the door is closed instead of when it is opening. When a spring breaks at the end of an opening cycle, the door has no resistance and can fall and slam to the ground, making it very dangerous for anyone walking under the door.

Correct Size of Spring

Garage door services are able to help you find the right size spring for your door because it is very important that it is the exact right spring for your door. If you run to the hardware store and just pick one off the shelf, chances are it will not be the right spring for your door. Spring replacement is best left in the hands of the professionals.

Urgent Repair

Some garage door repairs can be handled when you do your routine clean up, but others require urgent attention. The main reason for urgency for a lot of people is the simple fact that they cannot get their vehicles out of the garage. If this happens, you cannot make it to your appointments and you might not make it to work. Even though you are rushing to get this job done, make sure it is done correctly and that the garage door repair technician has the right spring to match the needs of your particular garage door. Installing the wrong spring will leave you in the same position you are currently in with a broken spring, very soon. 

For more information about garage door repair near you, a garage door services company can help.