Garage Door Maintenance Care Guide

How To Find The Best Garage Door Replacement

If you are looking to replace your current garage door, then you might be interested in changing what kind of garage door you have. Not only are there different garage door types, but you can also find better options for opening them and options for different windows.

The Door Itself

There are many different options for the garage doors themselves, going beyond the typical doors that move up into your garage on a track (or sectional garage doors). For example, there are also "roll-up" doors that roll up around a drum in your garage instead of along the ceiling, those that slide to the side rather than going above your head, those that literally open up on hinges like regular doors, and those that tilt up (rather than bend) out of or into your garage. Which one of these options for best for you depends on your aesthetic preferences and how much space you have.

Garage Door Opening Options

Once you have chosen the kind of garage door you want, you may want to consider upgrading your method of opening your garage door. There are different types of automatic garage door openers with different benefits, assuming you aren't interested in garage doors that only open manually. For example, many large automatic openers are loud and can disrupt those living near the garage. However, larger motors mean more horsepower, which can help if you use your garage frequently. Meanwhile, there are garage door openers that can be connected to your Wi-Fi or to an app, which can allow you to use the door remotely. You can install these openers with your garage door replacement.

The Windows

Finally, one oft-forgotten part of garage door replacing are the windows. If you opt for windows at all or have the option with your garage door replacements, then you may want to consider the type of windows you have installed. For example, you can buy insulated garage windows if you want better temperature control in your garage. You can also buy windows with decorative grilles, which can generally be removed, and those with aesthetically pleasing designs. If you choose a garage door with windows, make sure the motor can handle it, as doors with windows are heavier than those without.

Talk with the professional you hire to complete your new garage door installation to find out what type of garage door works best for you. They can help you choose the door style, the opening hardware (or software), and any windows or other additions you may want.

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