Garage Door Maintenance Care Guide

Garage Door Repair: 4 Signs Every Homeowner Should Look Out For

The need to keep your garage door in top-notch condition cannot be overstated. After all, you probably use it more times than the front door when accessing your house. Unfortunately, the repetitive opening and closing of garage doors comes with wear-and-tear effects that some homeowners tend to ignore. Overlooking garage door issues can put your life at risk because it might slam when you least expect it.

Calling in a professional garage door repair company is crucial whenever you notice a problem. Doing so will help prevent the situation from worsening and thus keep costly repairs at bay. With that said, here are signs it is time to hire garage door repair services.

1. When the Garage Door Fails to Close or Open

Something is undoubtedly wrong if you press the garage door controls and they fail to close or open. There are various reasons why this can happen, including faulty control panel connections and photo-eye sensor misalignment. Fixing such technical issues yourself can make the situation worse, and it is always prudent to hire a professional to fix the problem.

2. When the Garage Door Makes Weird Closing and Opening Noises

There is nothing wrong with your garage door if it makes minimal closing and opening sounds. However, there is reason to worry if you notice a change in sound when operating it. Squealing, grinding, and banging sounds are warning signs of issues such as faulty panels, bent coils, and poor spring tension. Whatever the cause, a garage door repair expert can assess the situation and pinpoint the reason behind the odd noise.

3. When the Garage Door Isn't in Its Tracks

The rollers of a garage door help it to move up and down its tracks. However, a damaged or old garage door can at times move off its track. Whenever this happens, you will notice that the door has closing and opening difficulties. Refrain from trying to get the door back on the tracks yourself since this could lead to injuries.

4. When the Garage Door Has Sagging Issues

Having a garage door repair professional carry out a balance test once in a while is essential. The balance test will help you tell whether the door has a sagging problem. Sagging can make the door snap when opening or slam when closing. If your door has this problem, having the tension springs replaced by a garage door expert can help fix the problem.

The above are indicators to let you know the garage door needs repair.