Garage Door Maintenance Care Guide

Looking For A Garage Door? 4 Options To Choose From

Commercial garage doors need to be stronger and more reliable than doors to private establishments. Commercial establishments have more risks than residential houses, and it helps when you secure them. The doors should also be competitively priced and attractive. There are many options available when installing commercial garage doors. You should compare the pros and cons of each type and choose what is ideal for your space. Here are four options and their advantages. 

Sectional Doors

Door fabricators make sectional garage doors using materials like galvanized steel panels. They add internal insulation to the door for added protection from external weather conditions. Also, you can choose your preferred metal gauge, panel profile, track, hardware, and glazing. The doors have the finishing needed to protect them from rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. They are an excellent choice because they also protect the interiors from intruders and other security threats. 

Rolling-Up Doors

Rolling doors are typical in establishments that need a vehicle to drive in and out when loading and unloading supplies. The door construction process involves putting together interlocking slats of stainless steel or aluminum. The stock rolling doors available in the market come in gray, brown, tan, and white. The doors are ideal for commercial garages because they can roll open and shut with the touch of a remote button. You can also get fire-rated service doors as they offer premium protection from fire damage. 

Fire-Rated Doors

These doors are quite similar to roll-up garage doors when it comes to operation. You can install a door that uses a motorized device to operate or that you can lower manually. The good thing about these doors is that they have a unique auto-closing feature that allows your door to auto shut when a fire is detected on the premises. These doors are also made from fire-resistant stainless steel that is thick, noise-resistant, and durable. And this is why the doors are able to offer more protection than roll-up doors.

Scissor Doors

These operate differently than the other door types. They have a unique design that allows them to open either to the left or right. You can install this door in large commercial garage spaces. The manufacturers make the doors using materials like steel for superior quality protection.

These are the options you have when looking for ideal doors for your commercial spaces. You can speak to a professional about commercial door installation. They will help you choose the perfect design depending on your space and security needs.